About Us

VTC PLUG-IN-POWER is a widely recognised brand in vehicle tuning. Primarily specialising in heavy goods vehicles and agricultural machinery, we offer simple , reliable and high quality ‘PLUG IN’ tuning solutions to enhance engine performance and fuel efficiency.

We are an Irish company, based in Co.Kildare, just 15km outside Dublin.
We have a growing global network of dealers and installers who supply our products and trust in VTC.

Coming from a background in conventional ‘ECU software recalibration’, we have vast experience in the tuning of all vehicle types. While our car tuning is almost always done via direct programming of the engine control unit (ECU), we seen the need for another solution to suit those in the transport and agricultural industries, who cannot afford any downtime, or potential issued associated with the re-programming of software on the vehicle.

VTC plug-in-power takes the ‘RISK’ out of tuning due to the fact that we don’t interfere with the manufacturers ECU software, or reprogram any existing software on the vehicle at all. Instead, our plug-in modules are fitted externally and in parallel with the existing engine ECU and the engine. Installation is simple and designed to be user friendly, in a fully ‘PLUG AND PLAY’ foolproof and fast way.

While you can order modules direct from us online and install it yourself, we also have a network of dealers who are happy to provide professional installation and custom setup.

Our plug in modules have other advantages too, with each system being fully ‘re-programmable’. This means that modules can be reprogrammed and transferred into other vehicles if you decide to make changes to your fleet.

VTC Plug-In Power

Easily Installed in Minutes, Transferable to next vehicle, Within Safety Limits of your Engine

More Driving Fun

Your engine has up to 25% more power with VTC. More performance means more fun, more comfort and more capabilities.

Is it Safe?

Yes. Our tuning chips always work within the tolerances of the engine. All factory set safety parameters remain in place.

Lower Fuel Costs

The increased engine torque means sooner gear possible and the engines average RPM’s are lower. This typically results in fuel savings of between 10-15%.

Easy Installation

The installation is simple, but we always recommend going to an official VTC dealer to ensure your system is housed securely and configured to achieve the best possible results on your vehicle.