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More driving fun

Your engine has up to 25% more power with VTC. More performance means more fun, more comfort and more capability.


The increased torque at lower RPM’S of your optimized engine means less gear changes are performed. Dropping down gears is not as often neccessary, even for an automatic transmission. Not only does this achieve fuel savings of between 10-15%, but it completely enhances the driving experience and comfort.


Our tuning chips always work within the tolerances of the engine. We never compromise engine reliabilty.


The installation is simple, but we always reccomend going to an offical VTC dealer to ensure your system is housed securely and configured to achieve the best possible results on your vehicle. Each installer can assess your vehicle individually and make sure your end results are at optimum levels.




Are you working at or owner of a garage and do you do aftermarket tuning for all types of vehicles? VTC plug-in power is for you. Aftermarket tuning is booming business and at VTC we offer the parts to help your clients get more performance out of cars, light commercials, trucks, Buses, agricultural vehicles and heavy machinery. We have teamed up with our partner Dimsport to professionally install the RAPID tuning solutions for customers across the UK and Ireland.

If you are interested to become a RAPID tuning solutions installer contact us by clicking the button below.



Installing your VTC Plugin.


Find a certified dealer closest to you to install a VTC plugin into your vehicle. We have many certified dealers and keep adding more to this list. Contact the dealer closest to you to set a time when you can get your vehicle tuned.

VTC – Stage 1

Power gains +10-15%

  • Low Cost
  • 10-15% More Power & Torque
  • Turbo/supercharged Petrol & Diesel Engines

A low cost solution to improving your engine’s performance, the VTC Stage 1 chip is perfect for you. While low cost, the quality isn’t compromised and this small chip packs a lot of punch with gains of between 10-15% more power and torque. This is a single channel system designed to suit turbo or supercharged petrol and diesel engines. Installation is so easy and can usually be done in around 5 minutes without using any tools. No cutting wires or soldering needed, this simple system is designed to plug in to your engine using OEM connectors.

VTC – Stage 2

Power gains +15-20%

  • Twin Channel System
  • 15-20% More Power & Torque
  • Multiple Map Settings

Our twin channel system achieves enhanced performance figures of + 15-20%. Controlling the rail and MAP sensors, this system will make a significant difference to the performance of your engine. The system is designed to work within the designed limits of the engine, meaning all safety features are protected while tapping into the vehicles existing power reserves.

Installation is as simple as 1 2 3, using high quality OEM connectors the chip is plugged in and ready to go in a matter of minutes.

We can install the system and make a custom tuning file for your car from scratch, with live tuning capabilities available either on the road or on the dynamometer meaning that the tuning you receive is custom to your exact vehicle and also your requirements.

VTC – pro

Power gains +15-25%

  • For Turbo Diesel Engines
  • Unrivalled Amazing Torque & Power Gains
  • HGV / LCV / Jeeps / Ag Machinery

The VTC PRO system is used in turbo diesel engines. This strong tuning system is the best way to tune a diesel engine, extending injection duration by modifying the pulse width. This is the same way the fuel system was designed to operate, with fuel pressure and timing remaining in the hands of the factory ECU. The amazing torque and power gains throughout the RPM range are unrivalled by any other system. The VTC PRO is especially used in heavy goods vehicles, light commercial vans/ jeeps and agricultural machinery when engines are working and under more strain. The VTC PRO makes carrying heavy workloads more manageable and more efficient. Heavy duty trucks for example can achieve up to 15% improved fuel economy due to the added torque, as it enables fewer gear changes and loss of momentum on hills, keeping RPM’s consistently lower and less inertial losses.

This system should be installed by a professional VTC installer. The PRO system will be installed to the vehicle and fine tuned on site to achieve the best possible results, custom to the clients requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

VTC is a smart computer chip which connects to sensors between your vehicles computer (ECU) and the engine. The chip will monitor and modify data for fuel and air in the engine in order to deliver increased power, torque and improved fuel efficiency in a safe and reliable way. By modifying these signals we can de-restrict power that already exists within the engine without making an mechanical or permanent changes to the vehicle.

Yes, always! Our hardware is manufactured to the highest possible standard and also comes with a 3 year warranty. Hundreds of hours go into the R&D of the software and hardware contained in our tuning modules.

Each and every tuning system is designed to work within the limits of the engine. The safety parameters of the factory ECU remain untouched meaning VTC works within the design limits of the engine. Engines are already very de-tuned from the factory for a variety of reasons, meaning we can unleash a huge slice of power you never knew your engine had.

While custom remapping (when done properly) is very good, the VTC offers many benefits over tampering with your vehicles factory ECU. The VTC is installed and removed in minutes which is hassle free over a remap installation. There is zero risk to installing a VTC tuning system while the ECU remap always carries the risk of an ECU failure or some other issues.

Un-traceability is a key feature of the VTC. Once the VTC system is removed from the vehicle, there is no footprint left behind. No information is sent back to the ECU and mechanically the vehicle is unaltered so you can choose to unplug the VTC when dropping car in for service.

When you change your vehicle, the VTC system can be transferred to your next vehicle as it is fully re-programmable. The computer chip contained in the VTC system may need a software update in order to do this, and depending on the type of new vehicle you want to install it to we may need to supply a new wiring harness. This is done at very low cost.

When the manufacturer releases a new model vehicle you will more than often see that model available in a few different power variants. They often market these versions as an eco, comfort or a sport version.

For example, a 105bhp – 130bhp and 170bhp version of the same model vehicle will make you consider which is best for you. But these options are actually mechanically identical, with the engine, transmission and whole drive-train being the exact same in each. So what is different? The software. This is a very cheap way for the manufacturer to market different models at different retail prices without spending millions on developing new engines.

Even the highest powered version of a particular model is still de-tuned from its true capability. Manufacturers must consider the environment in which each of their vehicles will perform in. There is such a variation of conditions worldwide that for example, a vehicle being used in the extreme cold of parts of Russia must also be able to perform adequately in the high temperatures in California. Many other scenarios such as high altitudes, humidity, poor fuel qualities and more unpredictable conditions much be taken into account. The easy way for the manufactures to deal with these problems is to reserve the power output to a very safe level for extreme situations.

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  • Own a VTC tuning chip from just €20 per month!
  • We offer 0% finance on our tuning modules to make VTC even more affordable for you.
  • We can tailor a finance plan to suit your needs. Spread the cost of your VTC chip with instalments up to 12 months.
  • Contact us to apply for finance on our tuning chip today. T’s& C’s apply.